Pens: What You Need To Know

A pen is an indispensable tool on any tabletop. But how to find the best? And what does it last?

Here is the answer.

Traditional Ballpoint Pen

The traditional pen uses thick, permanent and oil-based ink. The traditional pen mechanism is simple, use a small rotating brass, steel or tungsten ball that dispenses the ink as you type.

It is ideal to use at any time since it is light and dries quickly. However, it is advised in quick writing and small annotations.


Resistant: The ink is very long and stays the same.

Adaptable: They usually have a simple structure that everyone can use, without complications.

Different formats: There are different thicknesses of a tip, a style for every taste. It also comes in many colors.



Dry and sticky paste.
Not suitable for expressive writing.

Roller Pens

The roller pens have a water base and use the same tip as the traditional pens but in the roller is much thinner, so the ink floods the tip and drags the ink through the paper.

The smaller the tip, the less ink there will be and the finer the stroke. They are recommended for more elaborate writing and of a smaller quantity.

Advantages of the roller pen

Smooth and smooth writing. They allow to write with more fluency and also add nice characteristics to the writing.

Easy to use. Its use is simple and you do not have to exert pressure to get the ink out, on the contrary, the lighter the better.

Disadvantages of rollerball pen

It spends faster. The cartridges are worn out before those of a traditional pen. Slower drying.

The ink is absorbed more slowly so it is possible to be seen and especially good for the left-handed people.

Gel Pens

The gel pens use a water base in which are suspended pigments. The mechanism of this design uses a rotating tip with which the ink is sharpened and dragged along the paper, much like the joint of a rollerball pen.

Due to its durability, it is ideal for documents and files that will be stored for a long time.

Advantages of gel pens

Durable. Files can be kept for a long time.
Soft. A soft and light writing.

More colors. Due to its properties, you can have more shades of color.

Tactical Pens

A relatively newcomer to the scene is tactical pens. These are meant for self-defense situations and are highly recommended for women.