Tips for Dating Vietnamese Women


For many Western men, Vietnamese women are a real mystery and learning how to attract them can be a real challenge.

If this is your case, you should know that attracting Vietnamese women is easier than you think, it’s just about applying the appropriate strategies for this exotic culture.

As a first step, to really discover how to attract them, forget about getting a Geisha girl.

Asian women have been stereotyped in film and television, mainly in war movies, as prostitutes, geisha, peasants and exotic dancers. This is simply not true.

Where to find the woman you want

If you want to seduce Vietnamese women, you are likely to find them online. Click here to see one of the best sites. Although it may sound like a cliché, Vietnamese restaurants are an excellent place to find the woman of your dreams. The trick is to look for small Asian restaurants that are not busy.

A very ingenious technique that can help you how to attract Asian women involves visiting grocery stores in the East.

The strategy is to collect a couple of items and when an attractive woman goes through the aisles, take these items and look at them confusingly.

Surely she will help you to identify which is the correct product and in this way, you will be able to open the lines of communication with that beautiful woman.

Learn about their culture

On the other hand, if you want to conquer a woman of Vietnames origin it is very important that you learn to differentiate the different nationalities and learn a little about each culture.

NEVER ask er what nationality she is, since these women simply detest this question because it makes them feel that you see them as an object and do not appreciate their personality or their interests.

If you want to really conquer a woman of Vietnamese origin, instead of asking her about her nationality, she expects her to tell you when she is ready.

In the event that this beautiful woman decides to reveal her nationality, she will really be impressed if you are able to contribute knowledge about her culture.

Regardless of what seems trivial to you, for Asian women their culture is very important and the fact that you know aspects of it will be adorable.

Avoid Vietnamese stereotypes

Finally something you should consider if you really want to discover how to conquer a woman of Asian origin should avoid any kind of offensive stereotype.

For example, the woman in question may be of Vietnamese nationality, but never told you that you have always wanted to know what flavor dog meat has.

It is very probable that throughout your childhood you have tasted a great variety of foods very different from the ones you are used to and these differences have been accentuated by the negative social stigma imposed by other countries.

If you really want to discover how to conquer and seduce Asian women, follow these tips and never get rid of common sense, choose your words very well before speaking well and in a very short time you will achieve that girl who attracts you will finally fall into your networks.