Tips To Make Your First Date Well

The first date can be the beginning of a great love story, or it can be a nightmare that we would have liked to avoid. Therefore, it is important to consider some important factors that can play against and not leave certain details left to chance.

Here are some bad habits to avoid on your first date:

Stay with whoever is a good match, even if you do not want it:

Many often give this kind of advice but live their life as married and as a couple without happiness, without emotion and without magic.

You deserve to be with a person that “is a good match” but that you really like and want, as long as this person treats you with respect.

Cook what your mom prepared for you:

Many women try to make a man fall in love with this person’s subconscious by cooking meals that his mother cooked for him. Yes, your subconscious will love you, but is this the best? Of course not!

You can not live on meals and the best thing is to let that person know you and you know her to see if they really can have a solid relationship.

Never eat too much in front of him on a date:

It is obvious that you will not let your boy see you eating as if there were no tomorrow on a first date, but the truth is that you can not allow yourself to get used to seeing you eat little, to always eat healthily and that the account of the food comes out because you almost do not eat.

One day everything can change and that’s when you should let him see the real you.

Do not call him for two days:

The rule that you should not call the boy you left with has existed for a long time, but it is a two-edged sword. If you are interested, it is best that you send a text after your appointment to thank you for a good time, then that will give the child time to see if you want to correspond or not and so he will not think you are not interested.

Do not accept a second date, if in the first there was no magic:

It can be many times that the nerves of the moment, both yours and man, affect so that the first date is not as magical as both thoughts, especially if they knew almost nothing of the other.

If there was no magic on your first date, give the second one a chance, because for the second one he will know you better and may plan something better to do and I have better conversation topics than the first time.